Things To Consider Before Buying A Villa
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A villa symbolizes luxury living. It provides exclusivity and privacy as one does not have to share space with their neighbors. The area of the villa is also much greater than an apartment which means more room for its inhabitants. At the same time, villas also cost more. Buying a villa is a major investment and cannot be taken lightly. There are many projects in Bangalore that offer luxurious villas. Whitefield is one locality that is well-known for its many villa projects.


Let us look at facts to consider before buying a luxury villa in Whitefield:


1. Budget


Determining a budget range will make the search for the villa property easier. You can shortlist villas easily based on your budget. It is important to consider other expenses apart from the actual price of the property. Other charges include stamp duty, registration, taxes, and brokerage if any. If you are considering a home loan, then it is crucial to have the cash flow worked out. You must consider the Monthly EMI payout after adjusting the monthly expenses from your income. All these calculations will ensure there are no delays in payments or any other exigencies.


2. Location


A good location will determine the quality of your daily life and the appreciation of the property value. The location should be close to the workplace, schools, colleges, hospitals, healthcare facilities, shopping centers etc. Villas in Whitefield are a good option considering Whitefield is well-connected and has good infrastructure in place.


3. Builder/Developer Reputation


The reputation of the builder is an important factor before short-listing projects. The track record of the builder can be researched online. The past project reviews, customer feedback, and ratings will give a proper picture of their track record.


4. Legal Documentation


Ownership title, land use permissions, approvals from local authorities and municipalities, and clearances are important documents to check and find out if the project in question is legitimate. If all the paperwork is not in place, then it is better to skip that project.


5. Amenities and Facilities


Luxury villa projects usually have some of the best amenities. You should not compromise on basic amenities like electricity, water supply, and security. Other amenities can be prioritized based on personal choices. A swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, gardens, and children’s play parks are some common amenities that are seen in every project.


6. Safety and Security


It is always best to choose a property in a gated community. It offers security from outsiders and trespassers. In case you have children, it is better to choose a project that has security personnel and CCTV surveillance. Most 4 BHK villas in Whitefield, for instance, offer the best security features ensuring the safety of their residents.

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